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Healing Resources

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Focus On The Family has a team ready to serve you if you need to talk to someone about the emotions you’re experiencing after seeing LIFEMARK. Call them toll free at 1.800.A.FAMILY (1.800.232.6459) to get started.


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The Beauty Of Redemption

Shari Rigby, the talent coach for the cast of LIFEMARK, shares how God healed her post-abortive heartbreak.

Post-abortive resources

Forgiven and Set Free

For every woman yearning for the peace of God’s forgiveness, the Forgiven and Set Free study from Linda Cochrane can be the first step to healing and wholeness. With an understanding spirit and a gentle hand, she guides hurting women to bring their emotional scars “out of the dark past and into His holy light” where true and lasting healing can take place. Cochrane delves into the Scriptures to offer help with issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance.

Surrendering the secret

Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts and they are suffering severe consequences. They carry a great burden of shame and failure, afraid to reveal their hidden pain, and by doing so are forced to endure the long-lasting effects in isolation. Surrendering the Secret will allow women to release this burden and find freedom through “redemptive community” while experiencing hope and joy, as shame and failure are replaced with beauty. Author Pat Layton helps women find the path to healing through honest interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, and caring community.

Consider the lilies

Women today occupy a critical moment of history. Yet author Shari Rigby believes many of us toil and spin, unaware that God already has a plan and has already equipped us for our calling. Her methods provide reassurance and a way forward. Consider the lilies, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. (Luke 12:27, NASB)